Skwoosh Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion Mid Size

  • Skwoosh Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion Mid Size
    Skwoosh Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion Mid Size
    Motorcycle Seat Covers
    The SKWOOSH?ду MID SIZE ICS gel cushion delivers super comfort, vibration dampening and medically proven pressure relief to maintain circulation and eliminate numbness and discomfort caused by long rides. The combination of TekPad gel, Independent Comfort Suspension (ICS) and all welded waterproof construction means cruising comfort in a thing (1''), lightweight (9 oz.) compact shape. The MID SIZE ICS fits a wide range of makes and models with mid to large seats, smaller stock or solo seats or large passenger seats. Try SKWOOSH?ду MID SIZE ICS on any bike and enjoy miles of driver and passenger comfort. Features: ICS INDEPENDENT COMFORT SUSPENSION with AIR-FLO CHANNEL COOLING EASY INSTALLATION - Cruising SNAP STRAP included with cushions COMFORTABLE - Pressure relief gel prevents numbness and discomfort CUSHIONING - TekPad gel cradles your ''sitz'' bones - ride longer in comfort WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS DURABLE - Double welded Gel packs for extra durability NON-SKID BOTTOM - Anchors cushion to seat CONVENIENT - Lightweight, thin, compact and FOLDS for storage NO MAINTENANCE - Stain Resistant - Wipes Clean MADE IN USA - Guaranteed Workmanship - Guaranteed Performance DIMENSIONS (inches) - 13'' WIDE x 11'' LONG x 1'' HEIGHT UPGRADE TO SUPERIOR COMFORT with AIR-FLO 3D?ду for only $10 The Cooler Breathable Fabric AIR-FLO 3D?ду has a unique three dimensional, internal structure that provides cushioning and allows it to breath. It is durable, lightweight, washable and performance proven.
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