Fold-up Motorcycle Hauling Trailer 52

  • Fold-up Motorcycle Hauling Trailer 52
    Fold-up Motorcycle Hauling Trailer 52
    Motorcycle Hauling Trailer
    Stinger Trailer
    Innovative and Space Saving Fold-Up Motorcycle Towing Trailer by Stinger Trailer. Why use a full trailer to haul your bike when you can use one that can be folded and stored? The Folding Motorcycle Hauling Trailer is strong, durable and lightweight at only 180 lbs. The stinger's design allows one person to simply lift the hitch assembly and tongue with a single motion, plus one rider can safely load a motorcycle and secure the tie-downs in a matter of minutes. Click Here to view the Fold-Up Trailer Owner's Manual.Features: The trailer unfolds to fully extended length. Three pins insert and secure the hinged portions of the trailer. Fenders and kickstand brackets are standard equipment The pneumatic characteristics of the 6 PLY tires and the suspension of the motorcycle itself provide for a safe smooth ride. Tires load range C 8 inch Rims Tires: 18 inches Diameter, 6 inches Wide Rated for 70 mph extended freeway use Capacity: 1 Full Size Motorcycle Color: Black Weight: 180 lbs Folded Footprint Measures Width: 48'' Length: 54'' Height: 27'' 52'' Will not fit inside the back of a SUV or MinivanPowder Coated for a long lasting finish 3500 lb axle with Sure-Lube Bearings
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